The Schipperke is native from Belgium but often it is thought that it is a Dutch dog, a confusion that can have arisen because Holland and Belgium are relatively modern countries. Some think that the race is some 200 years old, although any registration doesn't exist to prove it. Have been establish at one time as distant as half-filled of the XVI one because it is counted that there were two black dogs without line that you/they rescued the prince Guillermo of Orange (1533-1584) of a murderer. Opinion differences also exist with the ancestors of the race. Some believe what it arose of an early Spitz of the north, while others consider that he/she is now a descendant of the extinguished Belgian Shepherd. The Schipperke was, in certain time, the company animal and more popular guardian from Belgium. Traditionally their work was to keep the barges of the channel when they were left tied at night, and it was this task the one that gave the name to the race. Schipperke in flamenco small captain means and it has also been translated as small pattern, small seafaring and even small end. This race was exhibited for the first time in 1880. And it was recognized by the Real Society of the Schipperke of Brussels in 1886, and he/she was given an official standard in 1904. The Schipperke Club of England knows it formed in 1905 and the Schtpperke Club of America in 1929. It is considered Miss F. Isabel Ormistorí of Kelso Kennels the best pioneer of this cup in USA 
Character and taken care   
The Schipperke is an affectionate dog, good with the children, he/she usually lives many years and it is an excellent guardian dog. It is said that it is able to walk up to 10 kms. a day without getting tired, but it can also pass with much less exercise. He/she should live inside the house instead of in a kennel, and their mantel needs very few cares. 

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