The Schapendoes or Dog Dutch shepherd, have a messy, mischievous aspect that hides a balanced temperament. He/she is a shepherd with a lot of energy, (different from the Dutch dogs shepherd, he/she resembles the Bearded Collie a lot. This is not surprising since it is believed that this old race shares its ancestros with the Bearded Collie, as well as with the I Polished, Bergamasco and Briard. It is attractive and woolly with a low line and it releases and a long and rough mantel with a soft layer interior. The Schapendoes has driven flocks during centuries and he/she is still used sometimes at the moment for it. However, now he/she is had more as company animal and as guardian in Holland, where it is very popular. The race has been established from 1880 and it was recognized by the FCI in 1970 but you still leave it little outside of its origin country. 

Character and cares 
Of good temperament, vivacious, intelligent it is easy to train and generally of trust with the children. Their mantel needs a daily brushing, and he/she should exercise a lot of.

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