San Bernardo

The San Bernardo is a kind giant, in spite of being descending of the ferocious Molossus of the old Rome. He/she calls this way himself for San Bernardo's medieval hospice in the Swiss Alps where it was introduced between 1660 and 1610. You began to know to rescue travelers and scalalings in the Swiss Alps. A dog, Barry, saved 40 lives during the period 1800-1810. Before 1830, all the San Bernardos had the short mantel, but in that year Blood of Newfoundland was introduced in an intent of giving to the race a bigger size and vitality How result the San modern Bernardo can have the short mantel or I release. In 1810, a San called Bernardo “Lion” it was introduced in England and it was exhibited for the first time in Great Britain in 1863. He/she was given an international standard in Berne in 1887. Character and taken care   
In accordance with their past, the San Bernardo is intelligent, easy to train, he loves the children and very kind. Due to this, unfortunately, he/she is sometimes had under conditions in those that he/she doesn't have enough I space. As many heavy pesos, it should not be exercised too much during the first year of life, period in which the short regular walks will go him better than the long ones. He/she needs to be brushed to newspaper and big quantities of food. He/she also dribbles. Sadly, as Great Danish, this very big charmer only has a stocking of limited life.

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