Smiling Sammy

The Samoyedo or Smiling Sammy takes its name of the Siberian tribe of the Samoyedos. This variety of beautiful Spitz and faithful he/she has a lot of resistance and it was one of the used races, in their expeditions to the North Pole, by Fridtjof Nansen and Ernest Shackleton. It has also been used as guardian and to hunt reindeers. It was introduced in Great Britain in 1889 for Mr. Kil­bum-Scott who returned of the north coast of Russia with a puppy. Later on it matched up female, Whitey Pechora that as they say it got of a sailor in London, with a called maého Musti lady property Sitwell, and many current Samoyedos descends of this couple. The originally defined standard for Kil­burn-Scotts has changed very little with the years and the British lineage has been exported everybody. 
Character and taken care   
Contrary to other many sled dogs, the Sammy lives inside the housing in its origin country. It is loyal, good with the children and it can be an obedient company animal although, maybe, something independent. Some members of this race has been excellent when responding in its training. He/she has a good time him the exercise and their thick mantel, resistant to the water, he/she needs brushing and regular hairstyle.

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