The Saluki, as the Sloughi, is an old race, because similar dogs already appear in the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs. He/she takes their name of the old city of Saluk in Yemen, or possibly give the city he/she gives Seleukia in the old Hellenic empire in Syria. He/she is also known as the Hound for gazelles, the Arab Hound for gazelles, Greyhound of the east and Persian Greyhound. It is very appreciated by the Arab, including the nomadic Bedouin tribes who appreciate it for their ability to maintain the step with the speedy Arab horses and, to be matched with the hawk to hunt gazelles. In the rest of the world he/she is had as partner and to show in the exhibitions. In 1895, they gave to an English woman, Lady Florence Amherst, two puppies of Saluki, and it was so impressed with them that it cared more and he/she made all that could to popularize it. In spite of ésto it was not recognized by the Canine Society in Great Britain up to 1923. In USA it was recognized in 1927. 
Character and cares 
This elegant and somehow reserved race, is loyal, affectionate and of all trust and now it appreciates it to him as much as company animal like it stops exhibitions. He/she needs a lot of exercise and it is necessary to be careful in the field that their hunt instincts low control are. The mantel should be cleaned daily, using a soft brush and a mitten for dogs.

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