French bloodhounds  

There are three varieties of French bloodhounds (Chiens francais): the tri-colored frances (Chien francais tricolore), the target and black French (Chien francais blanc et noir) and the target and French orange (Chien francais blanc et orange). As the anglo-French ones they are the result of matings among French and English bloodhounds, especially the English Foxhound and the Harrier. Up to 1957 they were known by a great variety of names. Then an inventory of all the packs of bloodhounds was made in France and to those of French type they were given the name of French Bloodhounds. Of the three varieties the target and black it is the most popular and more broadly represented, being a strong and quick hunter of roe deer and other deer. The target and French orange that it was developed by the crossing of an English Foxhound with the Poitevin or the Billy, are very similar to the tri-colored one except in the color. The tri-colored one is a quite muscular bloodhound, of sophisticated aspect and of half constitution. Their cheeks are stronger than those of the Poitevin and their more marked stop. 
Character and cares 
These bloodhounds are calm, affectionate and obedient. Nevertheless, they are only raised to hunt. They are had in pack, in external kennels and the professionals of the hunt take care of them.

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