Spanish Bloodhound

According to the geographical situation, and their birthplace, the Spanish Bloodhound is known as Asturian Bloodhound, Bloodhound of Santander, Bloodhound Alavés or Navarrese Bloodhound. Between the hunters of the north of Spain and these bloodhounds an excellent understanding exists; the first ones know how to interpret to the perfection the particular tone of voice of their dog and the different modulations of the barks of this race. Thanks to this understanding in all moment will know the phase of the I rake in the one that is the Bloodhound. Almost with all probability we are before a descending race of the Gypsy segusius, dog of I rake that they used the Celtic towns installed in the center of France. The Spanish Bloodhound is, because, a very old race. It bequeathed to their origin country, Spain, during the XVIII century. Their beauty, mainly functional, has allowed him to enjoy a great popularity along its history. However, it has gone by moments of true decline, mainly starting from the Spanish Guerra Civilian, since during that period it was preferred to the British and German races. It is necessary to wait until the second half of the XX century, in 1980, to find a good cabin of clearly typical copies of Spanish Bloodhound again; that presentation of copies of the race, in the town of 
Character and cares 
The Spanish Bloodhound is a noble animal, faithful and that he is integrated fully in the family. Their sweet and sad look accuses in great measure its meek and grateful temperament. Their face is evidence of a pensive and introverted dog that it likes of being shown submissive and affectionate with his. Besides being a dog of easy training, the Spanish Bloodhound highlights for the great understanding that experiences with the hunters during the I rake of the pieces. The one made of this race it is the one of to rake the piece and to force her to be located near the hunter. It has been used especially for the hunt of the hare; although in occasions he/she has also been devoted to the biggest hunt. The Spanish Bloodhound is a primitive, hefty and sober race that he doesn't specify special cares to stay under perfect conditions.

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