Bloodhound of the Jura

There are two varieties of Bloodhound of the Jura, the Bruno (Bruno from Jura, Bruno Jura Laufhund) and the Saint Hubert (Saint Hubert Jura Laufhund). Both come from the area of the mountains of the Jura in the west of Switzerland and they have some similar origins to the other Swiss Hounds, to those that look like each other. Nevertheless, they are more similar to the Saint Hubert Bloodhound that to the other Swiss Hounds, especially the Saint Hubert Jura that has a heavier head, bigger ears and the pleats of the most marked skin in the cheeks and the neck that the Bruno. There are also copies of short paws of these Bloodhounds. Strong and enthusiastic hunters, are used mainly for the hare. They have a good olfaction, a strong voice and white and they can with any land type. 
Character and cares 
As the other Swiss bloodhounds, the varieties of the Jura, the Bruno and the Saint Hubert is kind, affectionate dogs, what makes them excellent partners for the hunt, but they have a very strong instinct of hunters and the reality is that they are not adapted to live as company animals. They need a lot of exercise and toilet with a mitten for dogs.

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