French-English bloodhounds


As suggests their name the engl-French ones or engl-francais of Moyen Venerie comes from crossings among French bloodhounds of half size and the English bloodhound, Harrier. During a time they were known by the races that had produced them, as Harrier­Poitevin and Harrier-Porcelaine. Also, like they have aimed the expert George Johnston and María Ericson, the word Bátard (it means mestizo bloodhounds) it was often used like prefix, like in, for example, the Bátard-Engl­Gascon-Saintongeois. In 1957, he/she was given to the engl-French one their current name and categories were created according to the colors like engl-French white and négro, anglo-French white and na­ranja, and engl-French tri-colored. This last one is one of the most popular bloodhounds in France and all are used to hunt deer, boars and other pieces. As the engl-French one, the engl-French one big it was developed crossing French bloodhounds and Englishmen. In the case of this bigger one the introduced English blood was that of the English Foxhound. During a time they spread to be identified by their crossings, for example, the engl-French Poitevin and the engl-Gascon-Saintongeois. Then, in 1957, he/she was given their current name and they were assigned categories by colors as anglo-French big tri-colored, engl-French big white and black and engl-French big white and orange. One usually has in pack, and it is used to hunt big and small pieces. The engl-French one small or engl-francais of Petite Venerie is the result of the crossing between the Beagle or Beagle Harrier and French bloodhounds of short hair and half size. Except for their size, he/she resembles of aspect their bigger relatives, the engl-French one and the engl-French one big. The small one has big abilities and he/she is used for the hunt of the rabbit, the pheasant and other small pieces. However, it has never been popular. It is recognized by the FCI, but there is still too much variation so that the race can get a standard. 
Character and cares 
The engl-French ones are, in general, robust bloodhounds and of good temperament. They are usually had as members of a pack, and they are taken care by the professionals of the hunt.

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