Rough Collie

The RoughCollie, sometimes called Scots or Scottish Collie, it still continues being good known as the star of the movies of Lassie. The ancestors of this race were introduced more than 400 years ago in Great Britain from Iceland. The word colley is a Scottish term to denominate a lamb with the face and the black paws; the race worked as dog shepherd in the high lands of Scotland during centuries. In 1860, the queen Victoria admired the Rough Collie in a visit to Balmoral, Scotland, and you/he/she installed some copies of the race in the real kennels in Windsor. In that same year, a Rough CoIfle was exhibited in an exhibition in Birmingham, England, but you didn't reach a very defined agreement on the points to keep later in mind until about 30 years. You increased their beauty, maybe, with the introduction of something of blood of Borzoi and of Gordon Setter. He/she is no longer had to work, although it retains their intelligence, hardness and good view. 
Character and taken care   
The Rough Collie is an excellent guardian, since it suspects of the strangers. It is of a supreme and affectionate loyalty with their owners, it is enjoyed training it and it is usually of trust with the children. He/she needs a lot of exercise but, in spite of their thick mantel, it is not difficult to fix.

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