Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback called this way herself for the country Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where it was very valued by the residents. Before the Europeans began to settle in the south of África, the Khoikhoi that inhabited there was accompanied in their hunt expeditions by a dog with a characteristic crest of hair that grows in contrary address along their back. During the XVI and XVII centuries, the Dutch, German immigrants and Huguenot took to África of the south as guardians and hunters to their own work dogs that included Pointers, Mastiffs, Greyhounds and Bulldogs. These they crossed with the Ridgeback, developing an animal gradually with the best qualities in the local dogs and foreigners. He/she was also known as Dog lion because he/she was used in pack to hunt lions and another bigger hunt, as well as to keep properties. A standard was edited by the Canine Society Sudafricana in 1922 and it has changed very little from then on. It attracts good participants to the exhibitions of EE UU and Great Britain and he/she behaves well in the ring. 
Character and cares 
This animal attractiveness is obedient, good with the children and it will protect its proprietors faithfully. He/she has a kind temperament but it can at great speed move when he/she discovers to a rabbit or some other piece. He/she needs a lot of exercise and a daily toilet with a mitten for dogs.

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