Retriever of curly hair

All the features of the Retriever of curly hair point toward that the Water Irish Spaniel or the standard Caniche contributed to their ascendancies. The Farmer Retriever, obviously, also played a paper in the production of this fine race, to which we see in strange occasions. The Retriever of curly hair was exhibited for the first time in an exhibition in the United Kingdom in such an early date as 1860, and it was one of the first races used seriously to get paid in England. Nevertheless, in spite of their attractive aspect, resistance and ability for their work, now he/she is rarely seen outside of the ring. It has been said that their popularity like sport dog declined for his reputation of disobedient, a lack that certainly doesn't exist today in day. 
Character and taken care   
The Retriever of curly hair has an excellent olfaction and a good memory. He/she is better guardian that other Retrievers, and while he/she is a little antisocial with their canine colleagues in the shot field, it generally combines their work life with that of animal of company of all trust. He/she needs a vigorous exercise, and it is better in a field atmosphere with many opportunities to run freely. Their curly mantel doesn't need to be brushed or hairstyle, solely humidified and massaged with circular movements. The advice of a professional should be looked for to cut him the hair if the intention is to expose it.

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