Retriever of flat hair

When a Retriever of flat hair won the first prize of the sample in Crufts Dog Show, in London in 1980, the reporters gathered around its anxious proprietor to know the race how ago; “To pick up”, they told them. In fact, the Retriever of flat hair is an excellent collector, good with the birds and I eat dog of water. It is loyal and affectionate, and, although it can be had as company animal, most of them one has for the work for which you/they were raised originally and they are happier when they carry out it. He/she was known as the Retriever of wavy hair, and it is believed that it has evolved of the Farmer Retriever and Spaniels. Blood of Collie was probably introduced to get the flat mantel. This was gotten around 1800, when a certain Mr. Shirley of Ettington Park, Warwickshire (at the moment West Midlands), in England, he/she carried out tremendous efforts for it. That of flat hair became the most popular Retriever in England, a position that maintained until after the second world war when it was eclipsed by the Retrievers Golden and Farmer. Character and taken care   
Intelligent and sensible with a kind temperament, it is a race hard, and in fact many proprietors they have them in external kennels, although their location is a question of preferences. As most of the hunt dogs, they need a lot of exercise and a daily brushing.

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