Retriever of Chesapeake

The ancestors of the Retriever of the bay of Chesapeake are less dark than in other races. Their origin you can mark in 1807, when an English ship shipwrecked in the coast of Maryland. An American ship, the Canton, rescued to the English company and two puppies of Newfoundland. A puppy was a called male Siribad that has been described as of a red one dark, while the other era a black female that became well-known as Canton like the ship that it rescued them. The puppies were taken to the families that had welcomed the English sailors and trained as collectors of ducks. Arrived the moment mated with several races of work of the area of the bay of Chesapealce. The blood that was added in the crossing was possibly that of the Otterhound and that of the Retrievers of curly hair and of flat hair. These matings produced a type with the ability to swim of the Newfoundland and the capacity to charge ducks of the local dogs. Until he/she doesn't make a lot, the Retriever of the bay of Chesapeake was strictly a sport copy. Nevertheless, at the moment he/she is finding the road like company animal and he/she is becoming a competitor in the ring. 
Character and taken care   
The Chesapeake has good temperament and he/she makes it well in the competitions. He/she has an oily mantel that he/she needs a regular brushing. It removes a slight scent, but it is not unpleasant. He/she has the eyes yellow-orange. As all the hunt dogs he/she needs a lot of exercise and it is better in an atmosphere in the one that can wander freely.

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