A Hungarian race, the Pumi was developed crossing the Hungarian Poli with German and French shepherds of ears raised in the XVII and XVIII centuries. He/she also has something of blood of some old Terrier that is patent in their aspect and temperament. Originally he/she was raised to drive bovine livestock, but at the moment he/she is used in general as shepherd and often as guardian. The Pumi seems messy but attractive, with ears erect semi, and a long and woolly mantel. Their eyes and muzzle are hardly come and the line, curved above the back, is it cuts by nature or he/she is cut. He/she is rarely seen outside of their native country. 
Character and cares 
The Pumi is a vivacious, cheerful and quite noisy dog, loyal to its owner and good as shepherd and guardian. It can be very aggressive with the strangers. It should be orderly with a brush.

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