Puli Hungarian

He Puli (plural Pulik), one of the shepherds Hungarian better acquaintances, is said that he/she is a descendant of the dogs shepherds had taken for about 1.000 years to Hungary by the magiares. It has driven flocks in the limits of the Hungarian plains during many centuries and, more recently, he/she has been used as dog police. In 1935, the one Polished it was taken to USA by the department of Agriculture with the intention of improving the races of local shepherds as much for sheep as for cows. However, the one Puli it was not recognized by the Society Canine American up to 1936. It has been in Great Britain during the last 20 years and at the moment it attracts to a reasonable number of participants to the exhibitions. 
Character and taken care   
He Puli it is loyal, faithful, obedient and intelligent, good with other company animals and quite patient. to, nevertheless, reserved with the humans of outside of their family. The race needs enough exercise and the strings of its mantel that you/they give him a certain aspect of messy, have to be separated by hand, brushed and combed.

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