It is probable that the Pug is native from China, and he/she can be a stupendous relative to small scale of the Tibetan Mastiff. For the XVI century, it had been taken in the ships of merchants to Holland, where he/she became in popular among the real family of the time, the House of Orange, and often he/she is called the Dutch Pug. It is believed in general that was introduced in Great Britain in 1688 for Guillermo, prince of Orange that became Guillermo III of England. During Guillermo's reign and María (1689-1694) it is said that the Pug enjoyed a special category. However, for the XIX century, when the Queen Victoria was building her kennels, I/you/he/she had become quite strange in Great Britain. He/she didn't go up to 1883 when it was standardized and he/she was formed the Society Canine Briton of the Pug. 
Character and cares 
This happy and intelligent dog is good with the children, and it only requires a slight exercise, but it should never be training in a very hot climate. The daily toilet with a brush and to rub it with a silk handkerchief will make shine their mantel.

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