To the Porcelaine he/she is also known as the Chien of Franche-Comté by the old French region in the frontier with Switzerland. After the French Revolution to (1789-1799) they were some copies of Porcelaine in the franc-Swiss frontier, what took to certain confusion on if their origins were French or Swiss. Nevertheless, the race is grateful as French and it is believed that it descends of the English Harrier and of old French bloodhounds. It has been registered in France from 1845, and in Switzerland from 18S0, when the first packs settled down for the hunt. Servant for the hunt of the free one and the cone, the Porcelaine has a brilliant white mantel as of fine porcelain. As it corresponds one of the most popular bloodhounds in France, it seems until in the last detail a pure race, has dark eyes, line of half size and some thin and well folded ears. 
Character and cares 
He/she is a vigorous and fierce, but kind hunter at home and easy to take. He/she needs a lot of exercise, but their mantel only requires that he/she is passed a sponge occasionally, for example before an exhibition. 


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