This is a small member of the family Spitz and as other, he/she originated in the I Circulate Ártico. The Pomerano (or Pomerania), he/she is derived of the white Spitzs that existed in Pomerania, north of Germany, from around 1700. They were much bigger, they weighed around 13,5 kg, and they were raised to be smaller after being cared around 100 years ago Great Britain. For 1896, the classes of the Pomeranos in the exhibitions fried divided by weight, more or less of 3,6 kg. Then, in 1915, the British Kennel Club moved away the aptitude certificates for the biggest variety. The American Society of the Pomerano was formed in New York in 1900. To the Queen he loved Victoria this race and she had several of the biggest variety in her kennels. This helped to that became very popular in Great Britain, but next it surpassed him in popularity the Pekinese one and at the moment the Pomerano doesn't very often leave outside of the circles of the exhibitions. 
Character and cares 
The Pomerano seems to be had livestock the reputation of being a lap dog of Mrs. bigger. While it is certainly ideal for this paper, since he/she adores that they pay him a lot of attention, it is also I live, robust he/she will walk a lot more than what you/they can make it their owners, if he/she is given the opportunity. This affectionate one and faithful dog it is good with the children and a delicious company animal. It is also good for the ring provided their owners have a lot of time to take care of their double mantel that should be cleaned with a hard brush every day and he/she needs a regular arrangement.

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