Polish Lowland Sheepdog

To the Polish Lowland Sheepdog is also known as Valee Shepherd Dog and Owczarek Nizinny. A lot of  al looks like each other Old English Sheepdog and to the Bearded Collie that descends of him. It is probably a result of the crossing of the I Polished Hungarian with other races of shepherds during the XVI century, with the intention of producing a natural shepherd and an animal with a strong and resistant mantel at the bad time, appropriate for the five pesetas Polish climate. To this shepherd he/she has given him a temporary standard the British Kennel Club in the last five years and it has begun to be made notice in the world of the European exhibitions. 
Character and cares 
To this efficient shepherd he/she is trained easily and in general he/she has good temperament. It is essential a good quantity of exercise, as well as a toilet daily rhyme a brush and a metallic comb.

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