Pointing Grifón

The Pointing Grifón of hard Hair or Grifón of hair five pesetas are commonly known as Korthals Griffon taking their creator's name, Edward Karel Korthals, a fond Dutchman dedicated to the dogs. It was the desire of Korthals to develop a hunt dog that it could be used for all hunt type in different lands. It used several types of Grifón, Setter and Water Spaniel, including the French Setter (Braco) and to the Barbet. He/she was successful when getting a dog of versatile hunt of an extreme resistance and with a good olfaction. Unfortunately today in day is quite strange. 
Character and cares 
The Pointing Grifón of hair five pesetas gathers all the good qualities of its ancestors (it forces, good temperament, docility, intelligence, and ability to work). it is the favorite of the hunters of a single dog and it can be had in an external kennel or to live at home as a member of the family. He/she needs a lot of exercise. Their mantel should not be cleaned too vigorously, and he/she needs some arrangement. 

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