The Poitevin was developed at the end of the XVII century in Poitou, Southwest of France, where there was great quantity of wolves. In 1692, the marquis François of Larrye gives Poitou he obtained a dozen of Foxhounds of the kennels of the dolphin of France and it crossed them with his dogs Céris. This crossing produced some incomparable bloodhounds as hunters of wolves that had great speed, courage and good olfaction. Sadly, most extinguished during the French Revolution (1789-1799) but some were saved by loyal fans. In spite of the later crossings, the original abilities of the Poitevin persisted and they were supported by English blood of Foxhound. At the moment he/she resembles the English Foxhound a lot, in spite of their color difference and that their ears are longer and more slender. 
Character and cares 
The Poitevin is a big and distinguished, quick and intelligent, but shy and reserved bloodhound. It is happier when it is part of a pack, and it is taken care by professionals of the hunt. 

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