(Pointer or German Braco of Short Hair)

The German Pointer of short hair (Deutscher Kurzhaariger Vorstehhund or Kurzhaar) it is of Spanish origin, it probably arose when crossing the Spanish Pointer with a bloodhound, getting this way a dog of versatile hunt that points out and it follows the rake. It is also believed that he/she added it to him blood of English Foxhound. Had developed for about 100 years, it was introduced in the registration of the Society Canine American in 1930. A similar society was created in Great Britain in 1951, and from then on they have participated in field tests in that Country. The German Pointer of hard hair Deutscher Drahthaariger Vorstehhund or Drahthaar are very similar to that of short hair, except in the mantel, and obviously it participated in their creation, as well as the Pointing Grifón of hard hair, the Stichelhaar, and also the Terrier Airedale. Although it is popular in their origin country, the copy of hair five pesetas took more time in settling down abroad. It was recognized by the Society Canine American in 1959 and in these moments are more extended in USA than in Great Britain. 
Character and cares 
Both types are strong, hefty and versatile hunt dogs. They feel at home as much in earth as in the water, and they are excellent working with the birds and most of the hunt, in the forest, in the water and to apprehend bigger hunt, especially if the adventure is dangerous. That of hair cuts it is also good as company animal, whenever he/she is exercised enough. It is easy to train, usually good with the children and he/she doesn't need a lot of toilet. That of hard hair, although it can adapt to the paper of company animal, it has been raised with certain aggressiveness, and it is better to simply have it as hunt dog. 


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