As the Setters, the Pointer is famous for its classic posture, pointing out with the nose and the line in the address of the hunt. Many believe that it arose in Spain. There is, however, a school that believes that being of English origin can, developed through the crossings among Foxhound, Bloohound and Greyhound. Also, in William's opinion Arkwright who passed an entire life looking for the origin, the Pointer originated in the East and he/she found its in route to Italy, before arriving in Spain. William Arkwright, of Sutton Scarsdale near Chesteerfield in England, Arkwright on gathered Pointers during the period 1890-1919. This work is continued having as the “Bible” of this race. In the United Kingdom the Pointer was accepted then by the Association of the Setter and the Pointer in 1937, and accepted and confirmed recently by the Association of the Pointer in 1970. It is popular internationally and it is recognized in the entire world. Character and taken care   
It is popular in the exhibitions, and it combines the papers of the hunter's partner and company animal admirably. It is affectionate and obedient, easy to train, good with the children and he/she only needs a regular brushing to maintain their mantel under good conditions. He/she needs a lot of exercise ideally for what is not conditioned for the life in the city.

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