Hound Portuguese

The Podengo or Hound Portuguese is known, although he is rarely seen outside of his native Portugal, but there it is popular especially in the north. One has as animal of and hunter of rabbits, hares and deer. It descends of several Hounds of view, and with the years three varieties have been developed according to the size to adapt to the different lands and it hunts. The big one hunts bigger pieces, quick in flat land, the medium one (Half) it is used in more uneven land, while the small one can enter in the burrows to lift rabbits. The small Podengo looks like each other enough to a big Chihuahua, in fact, the Chihuahua originally was a bigger dog with the same ears. The medium one resembles the Hound ibicenco a lot. 
Character and cares 
The Podengo is an attractive hunter and of good temperament that is also a good guardian and a vivacious partner. The three varieties need a lot of exercise and a daily brushing. 

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