Hound Ibicenco

The Hound Ibicenco (Ca Eivessenc) he/she is native from Ibiza, one of the Spanish Balearic islands. As the Pharaoh Hound, to which looks like each other a lot, descends of the dogs hunters that had the old ones Egyptian. In the century IX aC, Egypt was invaded by the Romans, and its neighbors the Carthaginians and Phoenicians were dragged toward Ibiza, where they lived near one century. However, the Hounds that took with them remained in Ibiza during 3.000 years, and they still conserve the colors with those that their ancestros appears in the Egyptian drawings. It was also used to hunt in the south of Spain and France. There are three varieties of Hound ibicenco according to the mantel: of soft, rough hair and I release. 
Character and cares 
This animal of noble aspect has a kind temperament, it is good with the children, few times he fights and it is a good dog for the hunt and company animal. It is very sensitive and he/she has a fine one heard, for what it is necessary never to scream him, but he/she responds well to a kind treatment. As all the Hounds he/she needs a lot of exercise. Their mantel is easy to maintain, since only he/she needs a daily brushing. 

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