Pinscher Miniatura

The Pinscher miniature, or Min Pim like he/she is commonly called, it is known in their native Germany as Zwergpinscher. It is not, like they believe many, a small Doberman; it has existed during centuries. Their ancestor is the German Pinscher to which blood of Italian Harrier was added and, it is believed that also of the Dachshund. A square, TM Peasant Family, dated in 1640 and at the moment in the museum of the Louvre, Paris, includes a similar dog to the Pinscher miniature. It was officially grateful in Germany in 1870 and it has gotten a great popularity in several European countries. The American Society of the Pinscher miniature was formed in 1929, and he/she still has there many more followers that in Great Britain. 
Character and cares 
The Min Pim has a step hackney (I happen high) very attractive. It is an animal of ideal company as much for the city as for the field, it is affectionate and intelligent, and few times change the hair. He/she enjoys with works of obedience and exercise, often following a scent. It is easy to clean, needing little more than a daily brushing and that he/she is rubbed with a silk handkerchief or a suede piece so that it shines him the mantel.

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