Pinscher Harlequin

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The Pinscher harlequin or Harlekinpinscher are the race of newer Pinscher, having been recognized by the FCI in 1958. It was raised starting from the Pinscher, possibly with the contribution of other races. The biggest difference between the Harlequin and its bigger relative is the color of the mantel. It was raised by their beauty and sociability instead of to work. He/she is seen very little outside of Germany. 
Character and cares 
The Pinscher harlequin is an animal that stays alert and, as all the type dogs Terriers, will warn to its owner of cough intruders, but its main purpose is as company animal. He/she has an excellent temperament. It is very alive, and he/she needs something of exercise, it requires a toilet with brush and mitten for dogs an or twice per week. 

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