The Pinscher (biting in German) it arose in Germany, where it has existed during hundred of years, like it is proven by the resemblances that can be observed in several works of art. The old black and toasted Terrier can have contributed to its development in some stage. Resemblance to the biggest Doberman, to the creation of which contributed, the Pinscher was recognized officially by the German Canine Society in 1879. At the beginning of the XX century, they appeared in the litters, puppies that. they were so much of rough hair as of soft hair. Nevertheless:, the Society of the Pinscher decided that it could not register unless ancestors could be proven with the short hair during three generations. However, only from 1988 he/she has been given a temporary standard by the British Kennel Club, and it will be interesting to see if it is good race for the sport and the exhibitions cause impact in the international scene of exhibitions. 
Character and taken care   
The temperament of the Pinscher has been described as cheerful and resolved. It is a good dog of good nature, playful, with the children and good guardian, since always it is alert, it is faithful, vigilant and without fear, he/she Needs exercise and toilet and he/she can live in an apartment.

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