Russian shepherds 

There are four races of Dogs Russian shepherds or Owtcharka: that of central Asia, that of the south of Russia, that of the steppe and the trans-Caucasian. All they are descending of crossed Spitzs with local dogs others that tolerate tas climatic conditions of the area in the one to take place that raised fuerón. All are excellent shepherds and guardians, and often they are also used to protect fields and military facilities. To the Owtcharka they are rarely seen outside of their native country, and very little envelope the strange Owtcharka of the steppe is known. That of the south of Russia that is native of the area of Crimea, looks like each other to the you Hear English Sheepdog. That of central Asia is a stronger animal; dedicated to defend the lobás flock and thieves, and possibly have blood of Mastiff among their ancestors. The transcaucasiano comes from the surroundings of the Caucasus, and as that of central Asia, he/she has previous Mastiffs. Their long line is not usually cut. The steppe (Caucasian of the north) it is in the regions deserteds of Caucasia of the North and the low lands around the Caspian sea. It is of square constitution, more slight of body and with some longer paws that the trans Caucasian. 
Character and cares 
Although one says that they are easy to train and intelligent, they are guardian independent, without fear and it doesn't seem that they are adapted as company animals. That of the south of Russia has the reputation of being the most governable in the four. All need a lot of exercise and a regular brushing.

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