Shepherds from the Pyrenees

The Shepherds from the Pyrenees or bergen give Pyrénées they can be native of this area or descending of the Catalan Shepherds. Nevertheless, in general it is believed that they are descending of the shepherds of the east whose mantels and abilities fried adapted to the hard conditions of the Pyrenees in the frontier between Spain and France. The task of these dogs shepherds was to drive the flocks, while the Dog of mountain of the Pyrenees or Great Pyrenees, (bigger and heavier), it defended the flocks of the punderers. These vivacious shepherds are also good guardians of the properties of their owners. There are two varieties of dogs shepherds of the Pyrenees. One of long hair, with the hair of long longitude or he/she mediates for the whole body, and the Shepherd from the Pyrenees of common face (Berger gives Pyrénées á Face it Levels) that has hair of half longitude for almost the whole body but I cut in the face and the front of its paws. Both they are continued using as shepherds and they are also had as company animals and guardians. 
Character and cares 
These intelligent workers have a considerable quantity of energy, you/they can be had as company animals, but they are better if they are given a work that to make. The Shepherd of common face is easier of training, and it will surely be more affectionate and less more aggressive with the strangers. They need brushing newspaper and very little hairstyle.

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