Shepherd Lapp

The Shepherd Lapp, Vallhund Lapp or Lapinporokoira are a race finlandesa that was developed crossing the Lapphund with the Dog German shepherd. Its task in the life is to shepherd the reindeers, it is said that he/she makes without rest; to keep the flock of the wolves and bears, and to maintain it gathered. Copy of size half, strong bones, muscular and longer that high. Their dense double mantel, almost waterproof at the bad time, it can be of a half or short longitude, but the breeders are developing the type of short hair. It is recognized by the FCI but he/she is not still a competitor in the European ring. 
Character and cares 
The Lapp has a strong shepherd instinct and he usually barks a lot, but it is obedient, and friendly and he/she seems to be a good partner, whenever he receives vigorous exercise. He/she needs brushing newspaper with a brush of natural sow a mitten for dogs.

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