Hollandse shepherds

There are three varieties of Dutch shepherds or Hollandse Herdershond that alone they differ for their mantel and color: of short hair, of long hair and of hard hair. Anatomically they are very similar to the Belgian shepherds, and as them, they probably descend of several races of shepherds. They are grateful as different races in their native Holland, But they are strange outside of this. The Dutch shepherds have worked during many years like livestock drivers. When the demand for this work lowered, they were in decline, but now they are quite popular another time. They are had as company animals, they are used as guardians, they carry out works of dogs policemen, guides for the blind men, and they are known as good hunt collectors. 
Character and cares 
Obedient, strong and of trust, they are excellent guardians, and insensitive at the bad time. You/they can be had as company animals, but preferably in rural atmospheres, since they are better in external kennels. That of silent hair five pesetas their mantel twice a year, then it should be cut or to empty with the fingers. The three types need a daily brushing.

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