Australian shepherd

The Dog Australian shepherd is a great worker that drives the flocks nibbling the paws of the livestock. Their origin goes back to the now extinct black Bobtail that has been described as big and quite clumsy. In 1840, new blood was introduced, including that of the extinct Smithfield, the native Dingo, the Kelpie, the Dalmatian one, and the Collie of blued soft hair. The contributions of the Dingo (their fine senses of the olfaction and the view, their caution, speed and resistance, and their tolerance to a dry and hot climate) they helped to create this specially appropriate not very common race for the Australian interior. The addition of the Kelpie also formed the AuCanDo, a buenísimo shepherd. It has been said that it was carried out a coarse selection during the first years of upbringing, but the result has been one of the dogs more efficient shepherds of the world. At the beginning of century the first standard was profiled by a certain Robert Kaleski and it was published in the agrarian and cultural magazine "Gazette of New Wales of the South." This dog shepherd was being given to know internationally very little by little, but it was recognized in U.S in 1980 and he has made his prospective appearance in the ring in Great Britain in the last five years. 
Character and taken care   
The Dog Australian shepherd is intelligent and of good temperament. This indefatigable worker is able to cover immense distances, for what needs a lot of exercise. He/she benefits of a vigorous brushing newspaper.
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