shepherd of Anatolia

The Dog shepherd of Anatolia, previously well-known as Karabash of Anatolia, it has existed during centuries, from the plateau of Anatolia in Turkey to all Afghanistan. These dogs so big, strong and of heavy heads they have lived in the area from the Babylonian times (2800-1800 aC), they were used as dogs of war and for the biggest hunt as lions and even horses. Nevertheless, their more common work was to keep sheep, and the shepherds cut them the ears and they put them necklaces of spikes to help them to defend the flocks of the plunderers. They still continue carrying out this task at the moment, they observe to the flocks from a high point and then, to the most minimum suspicion of problems, they go mad and they arrive quietly to the scene and to a great speed. 
Character and taken care   
Strong, loyal and affectionate it is good with the children, excellent guardian and easily trainable. However, it cannot be had in a confined space, it is not adapted for the life in the city and it is not kind with the strangers. He/she needs a considerable exercise and, although he/she has a natural ability to stay it cleans, it should often be brushed.

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