Shepherd of Picard

Also well-known as Berger of Picard, this race has kept flocks in its native France from immemorial times. It is said that he/she is probably the dog older French shepherd and an unbeatable worker as much with lambs as with cows. It is of half, hairy size, with a certain rustic air; when 12 Picards entered in an exhibition in Amiens in 1899, the eminent judge of shepherds refused to recognize them. In spite of the negative, their presence increased until the first world war when it diminished seriously. It was more numerous again another time in the years 20, only to have another even worse setback in the second world war. In the years 50 finally revived, and from then on good copies have appeared in the rings. 
Character and taken care   
The Roguery is an animal with a lot of energy, affectionate that combines the paper gorgeously, of work dog with that of company animal, and it belongs almost always to trust and the children's friend. He/she needs a lot of space and exercise, and a regular brushing.  


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