Shepherd of Maremma

The Dog shepherd of Maremma has two names in his native Italy because during centuries the shepherds the summer they passed in Abruzzi; where there was good grasses, and the rest of the stations in Maremma. Call so much Pastore Abruzzese as Pastore Maremmano, some people believed that they were two different races. Then, about 30 years ago, in an encounter in florencia, the eminent judge, professor Giuseppe Solaro, profiled the standard as a single race under the name of Pastore Maremmano Abrurzese. The Maremma has never directed to the sheep like the Border Collie, but rather deféndia the flock of wolves and bears. The first registration of a Dog shepherd of Maremma appeared 2.000 years ago when Columella (in the year 65) he/she makes reference to a white dog and Marcus Varro (116-27 aC.) he/she made a standard for a dog almost identical shepherd to the current Maremma. It is known in the United Kingdom from 1872. 
Character and taken care   
The Maremma is by nature a guardian that he/she will never forget the kindness the damage; For an Italian expert it mentioned, “If what wants is obedience and submission stays far from our strange one, but if he/she appreciates to give and to receive friendship, a note of humor and many teachings of the wild knowledge, a typical Maremmano is the best thing that he/she can have.” The Maremma should be cleaned regularly with a metallic brush for dogs and in occasions with some good powders to whiten it.

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