Belgian shepherd (Malinois)

This race includes four varieties: the Groenendael (long black mantel), the Tervueren (long mantel that is not black), the Malinois (flat mantel), and the Lae kenois (hard mantel). All they were developed of the crossings among many dogs shepherds of different colors and sizes that existed in Belgium toward final of the XIX century. Around 1890, Monsieur Rose of the Brown du Groenendael discovered a female of long and black mantel in a bait. He/she bought a similar dog, and through a selective upbringing and thinning a lot, the Groenendael, Belgian shepherd's more popular variety took place. He/she was carried out more work in 1891, when he/she met a collection of dogs Belgian shepherds in the Veterinary University of Brussels. There you reached the agreement of to recognize and to develop three varieties and he/she was added a fourth next. They are grateful as different races in all the countries except in the United Kingdom. 
Character and taken care   
The dog Belgian shepherd of half, very proportionate, intelligent and attentive size, works very well in competitions of obedience and he is an excellent guardian. It is very protective, and it can be had at home whenever he/she takes the necessary time for an early training. He/she needs a lot of exercise and a regular brushing.

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