Dog German Shepherd

It has been suggested that the Dog German shepherd (Alsatian or Deutscher Scháferhund) he/she can be a descendant of the wolf of the Age of Brass. Certainly around the century VII a dog shepherd of a similar type existed in Germany but with a clearer mantel. It is said that for the XVI century the mantel had been darkened considerably. The German shepherd was exhibited for the first time in an exhibition in Hanover in 1882. The recognition for the formation of the modern race generally takes it to him the German fan, Rittmeister von Stephanitz who worked without rest at the beginning of century to improve its temperament and constitution. You ganá big fans in other countries, including Great Britain and USA among those that had seen it work in Germany in the first world war. In that time it was considered inappropriate to call it for a poor person that included the German word, and it was given to know in the United Kingdom and other countries, as Alsatian because it was native of Alsace. In 1971, it gave, and finally, the Brttish Kenniel Club and he/she was restored the name of Dog German shepherd. 
Character and taken care   
The popular German shepherd is extremely intelligent and a partner of first class, exhibition dog, worker in obedience and guardian. It is eminently adiestrable and for that reason he/she works as dog police, in the army, like guide for the blind men, and in many other things. Their supreme ability like guardian can cause him problems, because he can interpret bad tub sign and to jump to defend his owner. Nevertheless, knowing as to take it and to train it is a splendid canine partner. He/she needs to newspaper a toilet vigorous, a lot of exercise and, above everything, a work that to carry out, even if this only means to compete in tests of obedience or agility. It is not exactly neither judicious for this intelligent animal to be subject to a life of boredom.

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