Pastor de Beauce

The Dog shepherd of Beauce, also well-known as Beauceron, Berger of Beauce, Dog French shepherd of short hair or the “red Sock” (for the marks toasted in the part of under their paws and feet), it can made a mistake with the Doberman and he/she can have participated in the development of that race. The Beauce is an old French race that is believed that it evolved starting from another more ferocious of rough mantel, developed to form the modern type. First used for the hunt of the boar and later as driver and guardian of flocks, at the present time, he/she is only had as partner and guardian. It has been exhibited from 1897 and it is one of the most popular dogs in France. Character and Cares 
While it retains their driver instincts, the Shepherd of Beauce is of easy training, of good temperament but he distrusts of the strangers. It is not a dog for the house. He/she needs a lot of exercise and their short and soft mantel a daily brushing. They are cut the ears in their native country.
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