The Papillon is also known as Épagneul Continental Nain or Toy Continental Spaniel. Papillon that means butterfly in French, comes from the erect ears of this race. There is an identical variety but with the well-known fallen ears as Phaléne or moth. The Papillon has often been confused by the Chihuahua of long hair, a variety that contributed to create. In fact, this Toy Spaniel originated in Spain and it is said that it is a descen­diente of the dwarf Spaniel of the XVI century. He/she has been included in squares of Rubens (1577-1640) and Dyke goes (1599-1641). they were exhibited for the first time in Great Britain like foreigners in 1923, and they had to wait other 12 years for its official recognition in USA 
Character and cares 
The Papillon is intelligent, usually healthy, and it has demonstrated to be an appropriate one litigant in the competitions of obedience. to quite easy of taking care, since only he/she needs a daily brushing to maintain their brilliant mantel. 

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