It is believed that the British, big Otterhound and of strong constitution Vendéen goes back to the Grifón and to the now extinct Grifón of Bresse of rough hair. According to the Otterhound Club of Great Britain, great quantity of these Hounds Laughed taken there before 1870. Soon after the “Comte him Couteuix of Canteleu” he/she sent all their grifones to a certain Mr. Richard Carnaby Forster who gave them to their stepdaughter, Lady Mary Hamilton. In 1906, the Otterhounds of Hamilton was sold Hunters individually bigger than Otterhounds. The Otterhound has very good olfaction, almost even to that of the Bloodhound. The dogs that are big swimmers, swimed river up following the trail of the otter (path of bubbles). When the hunt of otters was prohibited in the United Kingdom at the end of the years 70, the Hunter bigger than Otterhounds in Kendal and District, in the Lake District, the Otterhound Club formed to assure its survival. In 1981, the British Kennel Club approved a standard and, from then on, the attractive Otterhunnd has become a popular competitor in the ring in both sides of the Atlantic. 
Character and cares 
The Otterhound is a friendly but stubborn company animal that can be somehow destructive in the house, if it is disciplined. As other races of thick mantels it can be had in an external kennel, if the owner wants this way it, although there are many that live in the interior. He/she needs a considerable quantity of exercise and their rough hair should get ready weekly, and to take a bath it when it is necessary.

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