Dog of the Tahltan

This Canadian race, would originate from the mountainous areas to the northwest of the Canada, he/she takes its name of the Indian Tahltan who you/they used it to hunt bears, lynxes and pig porcupines. The Indians would take to the dogs in sacks to the back so that conserves their forces until a piece was sighted. Then he/she would come unfastened to the dogs that would maintain to the controlled piece, tracing circles to their surroundings, nibbling their paws and barking as foxes, until the hunters entered to kill. The courage of the Dogs for bears Tahltan and their ferocity are contradicted with their attractive aspect. It is a small, beautiful dog, resemblance to the fox with some enormous ears, alert expression and, what is stranger, a line that has around 12,5 - 20,5 cm of long, of erect and thick behavior of the root to the tip. It was recognized by the Canadian Canine Society in 1941 but, sadly, he/she has not adapted to live outside of their native atmosphere and now it is almost extinguished. Their disappearance has been increased by difficulties in the reproduction. He/she only mates once a year, he/she has as maximum four puppies and the female will kill them if you the bothersome in any way. 
Character and cares 
A vivacious hunter and without fear, strong for their size, the Dog for bears Tahltan is said that it has shared campaign store with its human family and that it has been kind and affectionate with them. Their mantel needs a regular brushing. 

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