Munsterlanders  (Small or Big)

The Munsterlanders combines the best qualities in the Setter and of the Spaniel. According to Edward Laverack, “the Setter is not more than an improved Spaniel”: the Munsterlanders has the constitution of the Setter and the head of the Spaniel. While officially it is registered inside the group of hunt dogs that you/they point out and they get paid newer, the big Munsterlander has been very established in Germany like hunt dog for everything from principles of the XVIII century. Then he/she was seen like to a German Pointer of long hair, but in the first times of the German Canine Society he/she decided that only those of brown long hair and targets would be eligible to register them and the puppies of other colors were given. These puppies of "you color strange" they fell in farmers' whose intention was to perpetuate the best qualities hands, without caring them the color. These farmers could build this way and to save an interesting and attractive variety of hunt dog, known at the moment as big Munsterlander. The small one is more recent and it arose when crossing the Brittany cón the German Pointer of long hair at the beginning of the XX century. Character and cares 
The Musterlanders is loyal, affectionate and of trust, for what you/they fulfill papers of hunter dog and company animal admirably. They are very rigorous for what you/they need a lot of exercise, and a daily brushing. 

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