Tibetean Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the many races that descend of the Molossus, a dog of fight of the old Rome. He/she is native from central Asia, where he/she kept the flocks, and it can be found in the steppes of the central Asia and in the surroundings of the region of the Himalaya carrying out the same task for the nomadic shepherds. It is already mentioned to the Tibetan Mastiff in the XIII century in the browser's chronicles Marco Pole who referred to the native mastiffs as "as big as asses". This was possibly an exaggeration, but it is certainly imposing, just as he/she can Leighton it turns in Robert's new book, New Book of ties Dog, in which writes on the trip of “Bhotian”, a Tibetan Mastiff that was exhibited in the Glass Palace, of London in 1906: "The trip of Bothian through the India was an expensive trip, since he/she needed a carriage for him alone. It cleared with effectiveness all the platforms in those that he/she was exercised". The Tibetan Mastiff was taken to Great Britain by the king Jorge IV (that reigned in 1820-1830) and it arrived in America at the beginning of this century, but it is not numerous in none of the two countries. To this race he/she gave him a temporary standard the British Kennel Club around 1986, and the support toward her it seems to grow. Character and taken care   
This dog is a good partner, watchman and guardian. It is reserved, protective and it matures slowly, arriving to their best moment to the 2 or 3 years the females and in volume to the 4 years the males. The Tibetan Mastiff has a temperament in which can trust unless he is caused, he needs a vigorous exercise regularly in hard earth and brushing newspaper. 

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