Napolitan Mastff 

The imposing Neapolitan Mastiff is, without place to doubts, descending tui of the combatant mastiffs of the old Rome and, in turn, of the Molossus, dogs appreciated by Great Alejandro from Greece. Servant as dog to fight, he/she has also been used as guardian. He/she has a majestic appearance, and it is one of the biggest and heavy dogs. In their origin country it often takes a necklace of spikes and they are cut the ears to give him a bigger aspect of ferocity. The Neapolitan was exhibited for the first time in tub exhibition of dogs in Naples in 1946 and from then on he is gone knowing in other parts of the world, although it is not still recognized in, United States. 
Character and taken care   
The Neapolitan Mastiff is in general a friendly animal that will usually only attack when he is ordered, and an affectionate partner. Nevertheless, he/she needs space and it is better when he/she is given a work that to make. He/she needs a lot of exercise, and their short mantel specifies to be cleaned and brushing every several days.

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