Spanish Mastiff 

The Spanish Mastiff or Mastiff of Spain (of Extremadura, of the Stain) he/she is obviously a descendant of the Molossus of the old Rome. The same as many other mastiffs, this powerful animal and brave was used during certain time in organized fights of dogs, like I punish of war and I eat boar hunter. As guardian it protected the flocks during the traditional seasonal migrations through the mountains of the south of Spain. The Spanish Mastiff is not apparently different from the Neapolitan Mastiff, but he has a longer mantel and a more refined head. Traditionally, they were cut the ears and the line to help him to avoid to suffer wounded in the combats. It seems that at the moment this is no longer practiced so much, what intensifies the appearance of this impressive animal. 
Character and taken care   
A guardian of a force and considerable resistance, the Spanish Mastiff is faithful to his master and he responds to the training, but it is not an appropriate animal for the inexpert ones with the dogs. He/she needs spaces open and a lot of exercise. He/she should dress up with a brush of natural sow.

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