The Mastiff is among the oldest races in dogs. Similar dogs to the Mastiff were very had appreciated more than for 4.000 years by the Babylonians, and it has been established in Great Britain from Julio's time Caesar. This race has proven the it was worth of its copies as guardians and I eat hunters. The Mastiff was reproduced in the tapestry of Bayeux, of the XII century and in a painting of Van Dyck, (1599-1641) of the king's children Carlos I. Shakespeare's play, Henry V, mentions: “... mastiffs of an incomparable value”. In the XIX century blood of the San Bernardos was introduced. They were less than a dozen of mastiffs in Great Britain after the security world war because they were had waste many hatcheries, and it also diminished a lot their presence in America. The situation is improving gradually. Character and taken care   
The Mastiff is big and I deign. It is usually very faithful to their owner. He/she needs regular exercise to maintain their musculature.

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