Member of the family Bichón, this small white dog is one of the oldest European races. It has existed in the island of Malt during centuries, he/she also found its in route to China and Philippines through the merchants Maltese. Nevertheless, around the year 30. The Greek historian Strabo informed that “there is a town in called Sicily Melita from where many dogs beautiful Gypsy calls Melitei has been exported”, aiming the possibility of an Italian origin. It was a favorite one in England in the time Tudor, and in Isabel's Kingdom I(1558-1603), one of the first historians of dogs, Dr. Johannes Caius, wrote: “They are called Meliti, of the island of Malt... they are very small and they are looked for mainly for the pleasure and the women's amusement who take them in their arms, in their laps and their beds”. The Maltese has been painted by many famous artists, notably for Goya; Rubens and Sir Edward Landseer. It was exhibited for the first time in England in 1864, and a called dog León it was exhibited in America in 1877 first floor the title of Maltese Lion Dog. Character and cares 
The Maltese that has established their standard a long time ago, seems to have been surpassed in popularity by other Toys, and now leave little outside of the ring. Unfortunately, since it is a happy, healthy dog, of good long life with the children and an animal charmer of company. It is quite adaptive as for the exercise, but he/she needs daily toilet with a brush of sows. He/she seeks advice to the owners that check the preparation for exhibitions with the breeders.

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