Malamute of Alaska

The Malamute of Alaska is a sociable member of the family Spitz, he/she takes its name of the Eskimo Mahlemut that you/they reside in the banks of the strait of Kotzebue, a mountainous region in the arctic polar Circle. According to the histories that are counted, this and the other similar dogs of the arctic one, they descend partly of the wolves. So much if this is true like not, the Malamute has developed a great resistance and speed. It is very appreciated as sled dog, being able to survive the temperatures of the arctic one and of dragging a lot of weight for an uneven land. The American investigator Robert Peary (1856-1920), he/she had the opinion that there was only a race of sled dogs that simply varied of name depending on the region of which came. Nevertheless, there is characteristic that they believe distinctions among them and several races have been identified. The Malamute of Alaska that is one of the biggest, has an own standard at the moment. 
Character and taken care   
Although he/she has an aspect seemed the wolf, it is careful, of kind nature, he/she can be a faithful and loyal partner, but it is not very good with the other dogs. He/she needs a brushing daily and a lot of exercise.

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